8 Poems


It’s a beautiful moment
when the easy wind blows
as if it is trying to seduce my eyes to sleep,
but I know it is unreasonable
to lose my consciousness
only for this scenic natural temptation.

Yes, it’s surely her,
breathtaking like a poetry.
Why do I dare to compare God’s gift
to unreal stuff, honest unvoiced sounds?
A question performs me dynamic dance to trace,
for it takes me into a grace.

Oh, Dear..
It’s not something worthless to say
that a sacred journey shouldn’t be delayed.
It is a poetry with its brightest ray
eating up falsehood silhouette appearance,
teaching a lesson how to articulate honestly.


When his son was amazed, a father adviced him.

“Let’s say..

Intelligence creates a long - bright path.
It stretches and makes intellectual men be inspired
to put the silver lines in the darkest clouds.
New imaginary Sun is shining!

Alas! What a real dream!
Each person competes to sharpen the blade of sense
for blowing hurricane to remove
the fallen hell down onto the earth.

It is failure! Oh, no..
It is just creativity!
Oh, Dear, neither you’ve seemed to be wrong,
nor you’ve been too witty.

How come?

To say an upswing is
as the problematic term
like a fallen hell or even a fable heaven
Have you cluttered in these attractions, Dear?

Ignorance or intelligence is always risky.
Surely we are in both!”


I am thankful
My eyes are opening full
to differ a bullshit and a bull.


How’s life, poet?

Are you still painting the world with beauty and wisdom,
helping the truth to build the luxurious palace with its great shading dome?
Take this hapilly! Come on..
The brightest Sun alone
for you haven’t gone.

How’s life, poet?

Are you still living in your sacred cave of seclusion?
Here is the flame to flash on your imagination,
and hope the world will reduce its sensual temptation.

How’s life, poet?
Thank for always sowing the seeds of truth.


Reminiscence, reminiscence, ah, reminiscence..
Thrown in the absurd Heaven of my seclusion.

Why don’t you tend to bother?
Not me but another!

You’ve dragged me away,
put my frail - physiological body
on a wild horse’s back running in a ray.
into rendezvous of a trapped labyrinth today.

Indeed reminiscence, ah, reminiscence..
Don’t move me deeply for I can’t contain you anyway.


Memories (1)

Let me take you to dance
through twists and turns of unforgettable romance,
a grasp of wrath or a bundle of jealousy.

Let the melodious and melancholic tunes give us comparison attachment to see.
As far as we try to conceive and fairly judge from memory;
so we may release and shred all things trashy.

Let me take you to dance
for being aware of history
to get the path shiny.

Memories (2)

Ah, I can’t resist
that your sweetest kisses
taste as tender as the basic meaning of love is.

If I foresee it surely to be the pills of my wrongdoings for you,
under the light of moon fable let me rain down prayers too.
For I’m convinced if there is the other holy adventure going through.

How delight it can be!
What a relief it may be!
Let me try not to add insult to injury!


He just laid motionless;
A stranger in a bizarre behavior was loveless.

Indeed that death has brought him away
seemed to feel hopeless.
If it tried to defeat him, death found no way.

At last he was still singing,
pushing the bell to ring,
tempting the shy stars to wink.

Some people said,

“He is a guy who likes being in trouble
stirred by passion to make us grumble.
Then he cries,laughs,lingers on his own pseudo battle.”

Madness has brought the joy for all.
Happiness set him free from the usual;
although, it must die - the end
could only change his physiological body to be dull.


I won’t be the farmer
for my physiological body as the basic former
creating a simple gate for my embryo to enter.

Let me try to resist
so I can exist
even I’m the last guy in the list.

Is it a problem for you?
Whenever I’m in my full energy looking for something new,
for the sake of Heaven or Hell I dare to pass all through.