How to write your flash fiction easily

How do fiction writers organize their literary works so easily?

The answer for this question is not so complicated to find out. They can easily create any flash fictions by using this outline as described below. Let's study it together.

1. Title

The title of a short story often serves a function. It may name the chief of character, may indicate the nature of the story. These are only some of the purposes a title may serve:

* What purpose or purposes does the title serve in a short story?
* Just suggest possible title of your own.

2. Point of view

This element is important in telling a story, for it determines how much the reader must know, can know, of what is happening. A story can be told from one of four different points of view. In the first person point of view the story is told as though the author is in it. The I is the character who tells the story. Example: “I once had a strange experience when I was in China, but let me begin at the beginning. I was younger and more idealistic...”

Sometimes the point of view will shift. For example, a writer may start out in the dramatic point of view, letting the reader see and hear the characters. Later, he may shift to the omniscient point of view and take his reader into the minds of his characters. Pont of view, whatever one is used, is the author’s chief method of placing the reader in the framework of the story, and it is highly important to choose the one that will be most effective for the kind of story being told."

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