English Poem


Joy or grief  is merely a game resulted play
as the time changes night into day.

It is changeable!
Sometimes its brightest light
blinding eyes to see where to stand right.
It hinders one opening his good sight.  

The actor exclaimed, “Extravaganza! Let myself dissolve into the light sparkling pleasure. It’s my daylight.”

Suddenly there comes the night!
Darkening earth is stretching its thick wing.
Now all things ── gloomy face-lookings.
“Sorrow! The darkest sky’s falling upon now. It’s my horrible night”, he complained of fear.

The play must be shown
Here it is the place!
The actor writhes in his special costume
to act, speak out of all words he owns
for the dynamic stage ──
joyous and tasteless manuscript need to perform.